Everyday Easel Promotion

I am excited to share a 20% off coupon code for the Everyday Easel from Imagination International. Enter Coupon Code:sally20 for 20% off the Everyday Easel at http://everydayeasel.com When I first saw the Everyday Easel at Creativeworld by Imagination International, Inc., I knew this was something special. Being an artist/tech geek with an Industrial Design background, really good, … [Read more...]

Golden Artist Colors – Photoshop Color Library

Hi!This is my personally created, Golden Artist Colors Color Library (for my fellow Photoshop geeks). But darlings - I am not tech support. That is what Google is for.  This is NOT provided by Golden. This is just something I attacked late at night and came up with the data that they so generously provide on their website so that I could do some hybrid digital components in my work that would … [Read more...]

Find my Fonts: Asset Management and Organization

If I think back on the very beginnings of the awakening of my own creativity as an adult, it all started with hand lettering. It was a lovely book by Becky Higgins (from 1999?) where she had created a bunch of lettering styles, meant for scrapbooking. I won't delve into how useful they actually were. But I do remember how nice it felt to make something look pretty in the one area where I felt … [Read more...]

Organizing Pan Pastels

Pan Pastels are a wonderful dry painting medium. They blend with ease and erase completely with a common eraser. For someone just stretching their wings into painterly tools, they create goof-proof painterly effects. Because I love these tools so much, and because I just posted a Christmas card that I made today which utilized them - I thought I would show you how I organize them for use in my … [Read more...]

Watercolor: Holbein Pigment Codes Downloadable PDF

I've recently started painting with Holbein Watercolors and when I was creating swatches for the colors I bought and considering some future purchase, I noticed that a) the print is TINY on the tubes, and b) there are no pigment codes listed on any of the color charts online. So... quite a bit of searching ensued and I found a document on a Japanese website (Holbein paints are made in Japan, … [Read more...]