Find my Fonts: Asset Management and Organization

If I think back on the very beginnings of the awakening of my own creativity as an adult, it all started with hand lettering. It was a lovely book by Becky Higgins (from 1999?) where she had created a bunch of lettering styles, meant for scrapbooking. I won't delve into how useful they actually were. But I do remember how nice it felt to make something look pretty in the one area where I felt … [Read more...]

Week 3b: Clearly Melting with Encaustic Medium Hybrid on Acrylic

Thanks for your patience while I helped my little blondie patient. So I jumped back into the studio and decided to do something completely out of the box - because you never learn anything unless you break things along the way.  Or at least make that attempt. I'm happy to say, not only did I not break anything but barriers - I invented something NEW...and here she is: This, my loves, … [Read more...]

BONUS: Transparent Collage – Printing on Deli Wrap

Since I had to take a bit of time off of TH due to my daughter's injury, I decided to give you a little bonus technique to get over while we wait to finish up on encaustics.  I hope we can get back to that this week.  So let's get over something else for the weekend. I love layers.  Lots of layers.  And I love collage.  I love vintage elements too.  But … [Read more...]