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I am excited to share a 20% off coupon code for the Everyday Easel from Imagination International.

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When I first saw the Everyday Easel at Creativeworld by Imagination International, Inc., I knew this was something special. Being an artist/tech geek with an Industrial Design background, really good, thoughtful product design will always grab my attention.

Use coupon code sally20 for 20% off at everydayeasel.com

As soon as this marvel arrived, I set it up and put it in the new studio space I am creating.

Use it as an Easel and adjust height as needed for sitting or standing.

While not inexpensive, when I consider its use as both table and easel, magnetic design board, etc. it makes a lot of sense with how I work. The flexibility of its design is astounding. Sit. Stand. Use it at an Angle. Straight up. Flat. Freaking genius.

Use it as a work table for sketching or detail work.

Spending more time indoors, I have been working hard to make my studio space as functional and inspiring as possible. This beautiful easel works with me, from draft to completion of a project, both as a table and an easel.

The magnetic accessories hold either an iPad or are strong enough to hold open my Moleskine watercolor journal for me to reference as I work. The ergonomic padded wrist support helps me put in more time on a project, in comfort as I work out the details. When in table mode, I place the magnetic accessories onto the side of my Raskog rolling cart and get even more use out of them.

Use ergonomic magnetic wrist pad for comfortable detail work.

I’m happy to show you this great product in my studio and proud to promote it for use in your own. #easel #artstudio #toolsforartists @Imagination International Inc.

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