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Everyday Easel Promotion

I am excited to share a 20% off coupon code for the Everyday Easel from Imagination International. Enter Coupon Code:sally20 for 20% off the Everyday Easel at http://everydayeasel.com When I first saw the Everyday Easel at Creativeworld by Imagination International, Inc., I knew this was something special. Being an artist/tech geek with an Industrial Design background, really good, thoughtful product design will always grab my attention. … [Read More...]

Quinacridone Burnt Orange

Quinacridone Burnt Orange discontinued – Where to Find It

It is a sad fact of fine art material life that big pigment users, such as the industrial, automotive and architectural industries, drive the ability of fine art manufacturers to have access to or to have to discontinue a pigment. Such is likely the case with PR206, our beloved single pigment Quinacridone Burnt Orange. While it will still be available in QoR watercolor, it will no longer be available in any of the acrylic lines from Golden Artist Colors. To read more about this, view 'The Life … [Read More...]

Inspiration – Perspective

The artwork of James Michalapolous Keeping a sketchbook is representational art that comes in many forms. It can be journalistic or realistic in style, or fanciful and abstract. It is all a matter of perspective. Perspective is also an intriguing aspect of art making. Oftentimes, when I draw or paint, I find myself trying to recreate the scene in almost photo-realistic quality. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I would sometimes sketch only the outlines of the images, and fill with … [Read More...]

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Take the Leap – Pebeo Mixed-Media Canvas

Last year I started experimenting with materials from Pebeo's mixed media line. In January I had the good fortune of taking several workshops sponsored by the manufacturer at the Winter 2016 CHA trade show to incorporate their resin products as well. … [Read More...]

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