Golden Artist Colors – Photoshop Color Library

Hi!This is my personally created, Golden Artist Colors Color Library (for my fellow Photoshop geeks). But darlings - I am not tech support. That is what Google is for.  This is NOT provided by Golden. This is just something I attacked late at night and came up with the data that they so generously provide on their website so that I could do some hybrid digital components in my work that would … [Read more...]

Watercolor: Holbein Pigment Codes Downloadable PDF

I've recently started painting with Holbein Watercolors and when I was creating swatches for the colors I bought and considering some future purchase, I noticed that a) the print is TINY on the tubes, and b) there are no pigment codes listed on any of the color charts online. So... quite a bit of searching ensued and I found a document on a Japanese website (Holbein paints are made in Japan, … [Read more...]

Art Journaling and Weekly Planner – FREE Printables

For those who enjoy art journaling and combining this arful habit with a weekly planner... I've updated my planner pages from last year to include a Month-at-a-Glance page as well at the request of one of the ladies that enjoyed them last year.  Thanks for the suggestion, Pamela. As before, don't right-click and save the image below. It is a low-res file that won't print nicely. It is just … [Read more...]

FILE: Gray Zone chart from the video

Here is a colorable, as well as a printable chart of the Copic Grays for your reference.  Useful for our discussion of shadows and shading with Copic markers. [google-drive-embed url="" title="GrayZone.pdf" icon="" width="75%" height="800" … [Read more...]

Printables for DIY Journal / Planner – A Documented Life project

A lot of you are jumping on the bandwagon to start the Documented Life Project.  Congratulations! As I said, I made my own journal / planner pages from a weekly planner that was printed on good cardstock and have now put them into a ring binder.  Many of the people in the group have purchased a Moleskin Weekly Planner and modified it for this use.  Personally, I found the pages of that … [Read more...]