Watercolor: Holbein Pigment Codes Downloadable PDF

I've recently started painting with Holbein Watercolors and when I was creating swatches for the colors I bought and considering some future purchase, I noticed that a) the print is TINY on the tubes, and b) there are no pigment codes listed on any of the color charts online. So... quite a bit of searching ensued and I found a document on a Japanese website (Holbein paints are made in Japan, … [Read more...]

*REBLOG* Copic Marker Storage and Printable

*Here is an updated, and currently available resource for the CD Holder* Hello, from the pile of boxes that is my studio at present!  I've been kicking the bucket for the last couple of weeks.  By bucket I mean the BUCKET-ISH way I've been storing things (or not) -- so that's been the theme of my room for too long - with the big buckets of schtuff that you have to sift through to … [Read more...]