Organization: Stamp Shelving

I've mentioned before how I have my stamps on these great Benno Wall Shelves ($29.99) from IKEA.  Well today, to my chagrin! I discovered that they are no longer a current product.  A new catalog launch is imminent.  So I bought the last two remaining at IKEA New Haven. If you've read my notes before and wanted to get them - it might be too late. But it is worth checking the … [Read more...]

Stamp Organization – aka knowing what you have and using it!

A while back I embarked on a discussion about the evolution of my crafting area.  I touched on stamps, briefly back then.  And with the huge collection that I have (stamps are a weakness of mine!) mostly, just on the unmounting of them from their wood blocks and advocating clear stamps.  But the never-ending problem is knowing what you have, and being able to find it. In the … [Read more...]