Organizing in the New Year: Packaging Becomes Storage

It's my dearest wish,when I purchase a product that its container will serve the purpose not only to display the product in the store, but also function to store and organize the product in my studio.  Display packaging is made to be beautiful and most of all efficient. Most of the time, however, the packaging is NOT useful for in-home use. But today I'm sharing a simple fix to a container that … [Read more...]

No More Alphabet Soup – Organization Reblog

This week I bought a 'destash' of metal letters from another artist. As I sorted the letters to go into my studio, it reminded me of how much I LOVE how my alphabets are organized - and I thought I would share this 'reblog' with you. Letter-ary Mess Do you feel overwhelmed by the alphabet?  I did!  I had so many chipboard alphabets, monogram stamps, grungeboard alphabets, letter charms, … [Read more...]

Spelunking: Jewelry-Making Supplies Organization, Pt. 2

In my prior post, I discussed organizing findings, chain and the like. Now we get to delve into the fun part: BEADS! For years I've been storing them in 'buckets' of disorganization known as divided-storage. This evil mayhem creates a bucket where beads go chaotic and travel from one compartment to another.  I've had everything from little tic-tac style containers (that never stay closed), and … [Read more...]

Spelunking: Jewelry-Making Supplies Organization, Pt. 1

Part One: Findings No matter how much you think a single container is going to do it - you always outgrow this type of organization solution. Just this morning I noticed that someone had 'pinned' a post about my findings storage on Pinterest. Timely, because I was in the midst of re-organizing these bits! I used to have everything for findings in one convenient little bin. It was your basic, … [Read more...]

Three Sides to Fill

Pardon me a little introspection. I feel like this needs that 'Deep Thoughts' segment from ancient Saturday Night Live...if you don't get SNL humor... I've been laid up sick for almost a week now, but on the way to well. During this time, I've been thinking a lot about the three sides to having a successful in-person workshop; and they have nothing to do with art-making. The business side of … [Read more...]