Sketchkon 2018 – Preparing for the Trip

I'm going to Sketchkon - the first event of its kind for sketchbook enthusiasts and put on by the brilliant minds at Sketchbook Skool. Care to join me? There's still time to sign up! It's about two weeks away - and preparing to pack for an event that is far from home has me scrambling to make sure I've got everything I could want, packed NOW rather than my usual last-minute packing. … [Read more...]

Paint and Media Swatch Files

I have been traveling a lot for work since the beginning of the year. And that includes a lot of packing, re-packing, and not a lot of unboxing. So this month I have finally been home long enough to realize the condition of my studio. Tonight I thought I would share some organization work I have been starting in order to bring some order to my creative chaos. First, a caveat. I have … [Read more...]

Planner Love: Brass Number Tabs

This week I am taking a good look at my online calendaring and paper planner systems as we move into the new year. As I look back on this past year one thing about my paper planner that bothered me most was the flimsy tab-divider pages for the months. they are flimsy they are printed with the year on the front as well as the month, and they have 1 of the 2-page monthly layout printed on … [Read more...]

Using Google Calendar to Make Your New Year Brightly Organized, Part 1

Google Calendar is easy to use, free and portable across devices. But it is capable of so much more than putting in annual birthdays and repeating appointments. There are some basic features that many people don't know about or don't know how to utilize. I will cover those basics in this post and also tell you how I use them beyond the normal functionality where applicable. Did you know that … [Read more...]

Tools for the Wandering Artist

When traveling for work or recreation I like to take time to make little bits of art. Sometimes the airport layover becomes more than you bargained for; or the weather doesn't agree with your beach plans.  It's always nice to have a little toolkit on hand in these situations. I have taken each of these toolkits with me on my travels and in my carry-on luggage with no problems. I've provided … [Read more...]