Inspiration – Perspective

The artwork of James Michalapolous Keeping a sketchbook is representational art that comes in many forms. It can be journalistic or realistic in style, or fanciful and abstract. It is all a matter of perspective. Perspective is also an intriguing aspect of art making. Oftentimes, when I draw or paint, I find myself trying to recreate the scene in almost photo-realistic quality. On the … [Read more...]

tcc Ep. 1 recap: Mixing Temperatures and Primary Triads

As part of the color collab. (#thecolorcollab #tcc) Episode 1, we discussed CMYK and Temperature and Bias when mixing colors. You can catch that recorded full episode here: After the broadcast, I realized that all of my documents were mirrored (I love that, Facebook!) so I wanted to post a couple here as well. And our next Episode … [Read more...]

Portable 54-tins for OPEN Acrylics

Back a few months ago, I created a plein air palette using some aluminum watch parts tins and a container that I had on hand. I wondered at the time - would the paints stay fresh in the tins? The paints themselves, Golden OPEN are wonderful for plein air painting. I've used them in a closed palette before and had them stay usable for months. But I wondered if re-homing them in these tins … [Read more...]

SoFlat – so Matte! New Product Golden sent out a newsletter to their educators which included information about a new paint line, SoFlat, which is replacing the current line of Matte Acrylics. This product has truly matte properties, no stickiness, as well as a self-leveling property which reduces brushstroke marks. Coming in February 2021. You can find out more here: … [Read more...]

My Ultimate Watercolor Travel Palette

I love to watercolor when I am traveling. Whether it is a sketchbook or easel practice - one never knows. With the limitations on travel of late, I decided that if I was going to have the luxury of a car trip I might as well put an entire Robax palette into my suitcase. Robax Palettes, stacked on top of each other And let's just say - yeah, don't do that. So I put in the work - and … [Read more...]