Free Tutorials and Videos

All of the hoopla about these 'Fifty Shades...' books and movie made me remember a project I started a year ago. I was putting together extremely detailed tutorials and videos, for free, to a Facebook group I called The Technique Hump. No the word, 'hump' is not what made me think about it... One of the tutorials specifically had to do with shadows, shading and GRAY. Did you know that … [Read more...]

Week 2c: The Shadow Knows – Complex Stamped Images

The videos for this week feature a complex stamped image. Stamped and Shading: Coloring Shaded Image with Inktense Pencils: Here is a pictorial of the image, step by step in its development. And here is the overall stamped image at each finished point: Stamped: Shaded: Colored: FYI: I've created a page, which is under the Online Classes menu at the top … [Read more...]

FILE: Gray Zone chart from the video

Here is a colorable, as well as a printable chart of the Copic Grays for your reference.  Useful for our discussion of shadows and shading with Copic markers. [google-drive-embed url="" title="GrayZone.pdf" icon="" width="75%" height="800" … [Read more...]

Week 2b: The Shadow Knows – Copic Grays and Inktense

This week's technique focuses on a foolproof method of coloring images that have realistic shadows and bold, intense color.  I'm breaking this post into two parts.  You are viewing the second part.  Here is a link to the first. Now that our shading work is done we can concentrate on coloring the image.  I am using a foolproof method of coloring known as Inktense pencils.  Long have I … [Read more...]