Organizing Pan Pastels

Pan Pastels are a wonderful dry painting medium. They blend with ease and erase completely with a common eraser. For someone just stretching their wings into painterly tools, they create goof-proof painterly effects. Because I love these tools so much, and because I just posted a Christmas card that I made today which utilized them - I thought I would show you how I organize them for use in my … [Read more...]

Week 3b: Clearly Melting with Encaustic Medium Hybrid on Acrylic

Thanks for your patience while I helped my little blondie patient. So I jumped back into the studio and decided to do something completely out of the box - because you never learn anything unless you break things along the way.  Or at least make that attempt. I'm happy to say, not only did I not break anything but barriers - I invented something NEW...and here she is: This, my loves, … [Read more...]

Week 1: Gelli Alcohol Shots technique

This week we are concentrating on the Gelli Arts Printing Plate.  There are a lot of great resources on how to use this product with traditional acrylic paints.  But I wanted to show you a technique that is unique and something completely different -- using the Gelli plate with alcohol inks! There is a trick to this - and it's a simple household item that makes it work: alcohol-free gel hand … [Read more...]