Sketchkon 2018 – Preparing for the Trip

I'm going to Sketchkon - the first event of its kind for sketchbook enthusiasts and put on by the brilliant minds at Sketchbook Skool. Care to join me? There's still time to sign up! It's about two weeks away - and preparing to pack for an event that is far from home has me scrambling to make sure I've got everything I could want, packed NOW rather than my usual last-minute packing. … [Read more...]

TOKYO: My visit to Pigment Tokyo

PIGMENT Tokyo is so many things. It's an academy, a museum, and a store combined. Ever since I knew I had this opportunity to go to Tokyo, I knew that this place would be on my itinerary. Bucket list! It's a short cab ride from Shinigawa station and very easy to find. The location is also in a lovely area near the water. I highly recommend a visit if you are able to go. The store displays … [Read more...]

Tokyo: Demonstration at Kodomonokao

Hi, friends! Anyone who has been following me on Facebook or Instagram has seen some wonderful snapshots from my trip to Japan. It has been such a wonderful experience that it deserves some words with the photos, don't you think? So some blog posts are in order. Starting with the day I went to a wonderful rubber stamp creative store in Tokyo called Kodomonokao / Stamp Ripple to demonstrate Gel … [Read more...]

Nothing could be finer…

Nothing could be finer than to be teaching in the Carolinas this weekend!  When I first contacted the two stores I am visiting on Friday and Saturday, I dubbed this weekend the 'Southern Lovin' Tour, since we are so close to Valentines' Day. Friday I'm starting off tomorrow with a return visit to the lovely Enchanted Cottage in Lewisville, NC.  Please contact the store … [Read more...]

Did Somebody Say Beach?

Just got back from Texas where they do EVERYTHING big, including big temperatures.  As I told Cat Beaty, of Cat's Creations; I can still see an impression of the zipper from my luggage on one finger, where I was unfortunate to try and open it while it had been sitting in the car all morning.  Morning, people!!!  It was HAWT!  My clothing proved that it wouldn't … [Read more...]