Planner Love: Brass Number Tabs

This week I am taking a good look at my online calendaring and paper planner systems as we move into the new year. As I look back on this past year one thing about my paper planner that bothered me most was the flimsy tab-divider pages for the months. they are flimsy they are printed with the year on the front as well as the month, and they have 1 of the 2-page monthly layout printed on … [Read more...]

Planner Love – Favorite Tools for my New Addiction

I'll admit it. I jumped on the Planner bandwagon quite late. But recently I started a full-time job and the pressing need for something to manage all aspects of my life other than in a Google Calendar took hold. As one of the inaugural ANCIENT users of the PalmPilot...let's have a moment here to feel the weight of this non-tech desire for a paper planner. I know, right? The first thing I wanted … [Read more...]