My Ultimate Watercolor Travel Palette

I love to watercolor when I am traveling. Whether it is a sketchbook or easel practice - one never knows. With the limitations on travel of late, I decided that if I was going to have the luxury of a car trip I might as well put an entire Robax palette into my suitcase. Robax Palettes, stacked on top of each other And let's just say - yeah, don't do that. So I put in the work - and … [Read more...]

Golden QoR Watercolors

Golden introduced QoR Modern Watercolors about six years ago. I was immediately a fan of these vibrant, easily rewettable watercolors. The first question I often get is how do you pronounce QoR? Well it sounds like CORE. And it stands for Quality of Results. Here is an introductory video explaining the product: QoR Modern Watercolors - Introduction In … [Read more...]