My Ultimate Watercolor Travel Palette

I love to watercolor when I am traveling. Whether it is a sketchbook or easel practice – one never knows. With the limitations on travel of late, I decided that if I was going to have the luxury of a car trip I might as well put an entire Robax palette into my suitcase.

Robax Palettes, stacked on top of each other

And let’s just say – yeah, don’t do that. So I put in the work – and created a palette that had a tremendous amount of colors – into a palette that was made for traveling. It folds closed – and yes all of the colors stay in place; once they have cured, onto the polycarbonate surface of the palette.

53-color Watercolor Palette filled with selected colors
53-color Travel Watercolor Palette

The ShinHan PWC Palette and additional 18-well insert brought this system to a total of 53 colors; while still having a good sized mixing area.

I went through all of the colors in my vast collection and made personal choices on what I would keep for travel. Believe me, if I am going to post about it, I am going to do an exhaustive selection process. It is subjective, certainly, but I did the work to make the best choices, so that I could feel confident sharing them with you.

Subjective but exhaustive selection process.

I then organized it so the color ranges were easily accessible. Here I am sharing those details with you if you want to make your own travel palette.

View this one, but download the one above it via the button to print.

You can download the template that I created to paint the watercolor swatch key, and see the listed paints, as organized and by manufacturer.

I have also linked to the watercolors and palettes shown below and at my Amazon list:

I hope you find the results of my project useful to your own watercolor practice. Even if your travels extend only to a walk around your neighborhood!

And here is my favorite little padded traveling bench that I fold up and put in the trunk, or take out to the beach!

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