Learn to Mix Colors with the Digital Mixer Tool

Join Sally Lynn MacDonald via a virtual workshop on ZOOM to learn how to mix your acrylic paint colors with a fabulous and easy FREE tool that let's you squeeze and UNsqueeze acrylic paint tubes as you learn online! This virtual lesson will allow you to truly see how to mix colors, create complementary mixes to desaturate, see how temperature bias affects mixing, and more. Plus you can save your … [Read more...]

Portable 54-tins for OPEN Acrylics

Back a few months ago, I created a plein air palette using some aluminum watch parts tins and a container that I had on hand. I wondered at the time - would the paints stay fresh in the tins? The paints themselves, Golden OPEN are wonderful for plein air painting. I've used them in a closed palette before and had them stay usable for months. But I wondered if re-homing them in these tins … [Read more...]

SoFlat – so Matte! New Product

https://player.vimeo.com/video/465365897 Golden sent out a newsletter to their educators which included information about a new paint line, SoFlat, which is replacing the current line of Matte Acrylics. This product has truly matte properties, no stickiness, as well as a self-leveling property which reduces brushstroke marks. Coming in February 2021. You can find out more here: … [Read more...]

Plein Air Painting with Golden OPEN

I realize that a lot of my recent articles have been focused on watercolor. I have to admit, watercolor is so very portable, that I tend to use it more often when I am on the road. The car is my preferred method of travel these days, certainly. And that seemed a shame - with no air travel / packing restrictions and the best acrylic paints I could hope for, with open qualities that allow me to use … [Read more...]

Follow the Benzimidazolone Yellow Brick Road

Golden Artist Colors is meticulous in their continuous testing of art materials for lightfastness and quality. The company has a very clear goal of making the best artist paints possible. In a time when so many companies see how far they can reduce quality before a consumer notices, GOLDEN continues to resist this trend and make improvements wherever possible regardless of … [Read more...]