Follow the Benzimidazolone Yellow Brick Road

Golden Artist Colors is meticulous in their continuous testing of art materials for lightfastness and quality. The company has a very clear goal of making the best artist paints possible. In a time when so many companies see how far they can reduce quality before a consumer notices, GOLDEN continues to resist this trend and make improvements wherever possible regardless of … [Read more...]

Golden QoR Watercolors

Golden introduced QoR Modern Watercolors about six years ago. I was immediately a fan of these vibrant, easily rewettable watercolors. The first question I often get is how do you pronounce QoR? Well it sounds like CORE. And it stands for Quality of Results. Here is an introductory video explaining the product: QoR Modern Watercolors - Introduction In … [Read more...]

Golden OPEN Acrylic Paints

GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics are slow-drying colors that do what no other acrylic paints can. They can be used for a wide range of techniques including printmaking and traditional techniques usually associated with oil colors. I find them immensly useful for painting outside / en plein air. This quick demonstration will highlight the unique qualities of OPEN Acrylics and tips for using it successfully … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Golden Acrylic Paint Range

Here is a comprehensive overview of the Golden Artist Colors product categories and properties in the acrylic range. I have listed the colors in each range on my Amazon Lists. The colors are listed in ROYGBIV (rainbow) order to make them easier to compare and the sites are broken into country regions for ease of shipping to your destination … [Read more...]