Drawing on Technology

Drawing can seem intimidating.  When I first started to sketch, I had a hard time ‘editing’ the image in my head. The full color object in front of me was too overwhelming!  How do I recreate this in pencil or pen to a black and white representation?  I couldn’t figure out which lines were more prominent or what things to edit out instead of trying to render everything.  I … [Read more...]

BONUS: Transparent Collage – Printing on Deli Wrap

Since I had to take a bit of time off of TH due to my daughter's injury, I decided to give you a little bonus technique to get over while we wait to finish up on encaustics.  I hope we can get back to that this week.  So let's get over something else for the weekend. I love layers.  Lots of layers.  And I love collage.  I love vintage elements too.  But … [Read more...]

Print a Merry Copic to You – in 358 colors.

For those who would like to make their printed fonts or digital elements coordinate with their stamped and colored designs I've got a solution for you.  And if you act now it is FREE!!!  Sorry, it just seems like I'm bombarded with sales messages from so many sources. ALL I ASK, is that you don't distribute the files or modify them in any way.  My digital chart is something that I alone created … [Read more...]

A Gift That Really Keeps on Giving

Neil and I ordered this really nifty wireless 10" internet photo frame from D-Link (the DSM-210 to be specific).  Unlike the digital photo frames that I've seen all over Costco, what I like about it is that it is a wireless device that I was able to easily setup to receive photographs from my Flickr account, as soon as I upload them through an RSS feed channel.  Ok, that … [Read more...]