Home at last…

Not me.  No, I'm actually leaving for New Hampshire in a couple of days for the Fall Scrapbooking Retreat with the Scrappin' Soul Sisters, Deb and Jackie.  Woo Hoo! But it will be hard leaving my craft room behind since it has a new occupant.  After a couple years of completely hogging my friend Ellen's Epson printer at crops and the store -- I have admitted that I have a … [Read more...]

Who are you?

Ok, another geek post.  I was recently invited to be someone's 'friend' on a website.  I clicked on the link to check it out and was surprised at the amount of information I was being asked for, specific to identity.  They wanted my name, date of birth (including the year) and even asked for my e-mail password.  Why on earth would they need that?  Needless to say, I did … [Read more...]

Yes, I am a geek

Neil got me a couple techie presents for Christmas.  YAY!  1. Replaced my 'dragged and dropped' one too many times TREO with a T Mobile Dash.  This is such a neat phone! 2. MS Digital Image Suite Plus 3. MS Publisher Yes, I am a geek... an inky geek... … [Read more...]