A Gift That Really Keeps on Giving

Neil and I ordered this really nifty wireless 10" internet photo frame from D-Link (the DSM-210 to be specific).  Unlike the digital photo frames that I've seen all over Costco, what I like about it is that it is a wireless device that I was able to easily setup to receive photographs from my Flickr account, as soon as I upload them through an RSS feed channel.  Ok, that is geek-speak – but it is like when you subscribe to a blog and get an e-mail whenever there is a new post.  Same concept but picture to frame.

And not to be so centered on just our family, ANYONE in the family can send a photograph to an e-mail address that I setup specifically for this frame, and SHAZAM! there it is.

It's not perfect.  It doesn't automatically rotate photos.  It likes landscape photos, so if you've got something in portrait orientation, it needs to be rotated 90 degrees before they send them as the frame is setup for landscape viewing – but I truly believe that this is something that will come about in a firmware update in the future.  I bet that stuff is in the EXIF data somewhere for that picture, right?

So for now, I'm loading its 1GB internal memory with a bunch of photos from family reunions and their trip to Scotland with Neil so that it will have some images they could make portable if they wished.

I've manually programmed their wireless network's SSID and access password into the device.  It should be plug and show & tell time when it arrives at their door.

This is really great!  I can see giving this to any of my relatives that aren't internet or computer savvy.  What a perfect gift for a family member that is in a nursing home or hospital.  So many of them have wireless internet these days.  You can even send videos to it.

I know the minute the kids open the presents from Grandpa and Grandma MacDonald, I'll be saving those pictures to post to their picture frame that very day and they won't have to lift a finger to get updated photos right there on display in their family room.

This is a piece of technology that works and that the whole family can take advantage of.  Loving this.

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