Portable 54-tins for OPEN Acrylics

Back a few months ago, I created a plein air palette using some aluminum watch parts tins and a container that I had on hand. I wondered at the time - would the paints stay fresh in the tins? The paints themselves, Golden OPEN are wonderful for plein air painting. I've used them in a closed palette before and had them stay usable for months. But I wondered if re-homing them in these tins … [Read more...]

Plein Air Painting with Golden OPEN

I realize that a lot of my recent articles have been focused on watercolor. I have to admit, watercolor is so very portable, that I tend to use it more often when I am on the road. The car is my preferred method of travel these days, certainly. And that seemed a shame - with no air travel / packing restrictions and the best acrylic paints I could hope for, with open qualities that allow me to use … [Read more...]