Gelli Printing 16×20 Plate I took my 16" x 20" Gelli Arts Printing Plate for a spin, during Tropical Storm Isaias. Some trees came down and the power went out - but by the time I finished it was a pretty amazing print! Links for everything I used in the video are at the bottom of the post. This humongous plate does not come with a clamshell storage container. It would … [Read more...]

Gel Plate Printing with Spellbinders Dies

I came up with this idea after another hunt through my studio for things to use with my gel printmaking plate. Did you know that low-profile cutting dies, such as the Spellbinders Nestabilities are perfect for masking and ghost printing? The key to their use is to apply them, cutting edge UP onto your plate. You don't want that raised ridge being pressed into the plate. But with the pressure … [Read more...]

Week 3b: Clearly Melting with Encaustic Medium Hybrid on Acrylic

Thanks for your patience while I helped my little blondie patient. So I jumped back into the studio and decided to do something completely out of the box - because you never learn anything unless you break things along the way.  Or at least make that attempt. I'm happy to say, not only did I not break anything but barriers - I invented something NEW...and here she is: This, my loves, … [Read more...]

Week 1: Gelli Alcohol Shots technique

This week we are concentrating on the Gelli Arts Printing Plate.  There are a lot of great resources on how to use this product with traditional acrylic paints.  But I wanted to show you a technique that is unique and something completely different -- using the Gelli plate with alcohol inks! There is a trick to this - and it's a simple household item that makes it work: alcohol-free gel hand … [Read more...]