Gelli Printing 16×20 Plate

I took my 16″ x 20″ Gelli Arts Printing Plate for a spin, during Tropical Storm Isaias. Some trees came down and the power went out – but by the time I finished it was a pretty amazing print!

Links for everything I used in the video are at the bottom of the post.

This humongous plate does not come with a clamshell storage container. It would never work – so I don’t miss it. This size plate is far too heavy, and would crease and break a clamshell, which would in turn be like a tin can and indent your plate. But never fear! I have a solution for you.

I store my plate on top of a drawing board. Essentially, I first took a piece of 18″ x 24″ Bristol and marked off it’s location in pencil. Then I took the large piece of white glossy paper that was in the packaging, and adhered it to my board as a contrasting backdrop, in the center of the working space. Then I took the Gelli Arts plate out of the package, and removed ONLY ONE piece of Mylar. The other side, I placed, mylar-sheet down onto my drawing board surface and taped it down to the board with strong tape, against the overlapping Mylar and to the board. The tape does not touch the gel plate.

And now I can store the plate, vertically on the board, in-between the wall and my cabinet – where I put a little piece of the cardboard packaging to tent it, and prevent any dust collecting on the surface.

It has been kept in this manner for the last 3 1/2 months and I have not noticed any dust accumulation, nor sagging from the gel plate on the board. It seems perfectly happy in its new home and the surface is free from any marks or debris. The only thing you see in the picture above is the reflection of the chair back that I placed it upon to take the picture.

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