Courtney’s Blog Day.

Courtney, my short, blonde one, is getting her own post today in honor of her first, graded report card.  She got straight-As!  Woo Hoo! She asked me to post a piece of her artwork, but I found a few pieces to represent her art style. First, her snow assemblage.  Even with limited materials, she created the cutest little snowman. And here, she is working independently (and … [Read more...]

Memories of ‘Momma Car’

After nearly 3 weeks on the road, we are home.  Ahhhhh. We were lucky to miss the heat wave, but the kids have spent so much time outdoors, in the pool and at the beach...that they are settled inside at present. Courtney and Brianna are playing with their stuffed animals, upstairs.  Apparently it's a Webkinz World, "make up or break up" game that they've … [Read more...]

Auction: Copic Markers Asst. / One Hour Private Lesson via Skype/Webcam

This holiday season was tempered with sadness, as we heard of the death of a neighbor, 42-year old husband and father to two sweet young children.  It struck me hard because their children are the same age as my own.  I couldn't imagine my children losing their father, at this or any age.  And it brings me to tears.  So besides the 'what can I do?' … [Read more...]

Thar she goes with the ink again…

Ok, first thing - did you know that you could choose PIRATE as your language preference on Facebook?  down in the bottom left corner, there is a language choice.  Click on yours - mine is English (US). This dialog box appears, with some interesting choices in the English category!    Try it.  Unlike the pirate crew, you can always switch back to a proper … [Read more...]

Life is Sweet (and an acrylic album too)

Spring has sprung.  One good rain, and I'm ready to call Winter OVER!  So a few fun things come to mind when the weather warms.  And all of them have to do with PINK. the shearing of the sheep (or Bichon, in our case).  It's time to lighten the fluffy load.  Blitzen looked more like a sheep than a puppy.  So.. Before (watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Neil and … [Read more...]