Courtney’s Blog Day.

Courtney, my short, blonde one, is getting her own post today in honor of her first, graded report card.  She got straight-As!  Woo Hoo!

She asked me to post a piece of her artwork, but I found a few pieces to represent her art style.

First, her snow assemblage.

Even with limited materials, she created the cutest little snowman.

And here, she is working independently (and I should capitalize, emphasize and italicize that word!) on her gingerbread house last night.

She is up to her elbows in royal icing, and doesn't need any help. 

Courtney has an artistic temperment.  She usually gets intimidated by new situations and any stresser can put her close to tears.  But at home, she's all confidence and stubborness.  What a funny combination she is!

Of the whole family, I would say Courtney has the most natural creative talents.  Her detailed drawings can take my breath away.  I have a whole wall of my office dedicated to all of the childrens' artwork.  This one is going on the wall today.  In true modern-technology form, Courtney asked me to post it on my Facebook wall as well.


Notice the smaller girl doll on the dresser, and all the little details throughout.  I love this.

Soon we will have a holiday break from school for all three of the kids.  Neil and I aren't traveling for the next several weeks.  That's so nice!

Well I am going to get back to decorating the tree.  Yesterday we trimmed it.  Trimmed as in had to take off from the bottom and the top to get it to fit.  It stands at exactly 12 feet right now, with the star touching the ceiling of the family room.  Boy, they never look that big when you are cutting them.  This is definitely the largest tree we've ever had.

When the kids get home, they will decorate their gingerbread houses after homework is done.  I will post all of their creations tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting today.  Stay warm and do something creative.

P.S. - my innagural blog post, featuring ART-C and Little Yellow Bicycle's Savor line is on the LYB blog today.  I hope you will take an opportunity to check it out.  Thanks!

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