Life is Sweet (and an acrylic album too)

Spring has sprung.  One good rain, and I’m ready to call Winter OVER!  So a few fun things come to mind when the weather warms.  And all of them have to do with PINK.

  • the shearing of the sheep (or Bichon, in our case).  It’s time to lighten the fluffy load.  Blitzen looked more like a sheep than a puppy.  So..

Before (watching Beverly Hills Chihuahua with Neil and Brianna).  Comfortable much, pup?


After:  (his little belly is pink…)


Looking a bit more like the Beverly Hills Chihuahua than a Bichon.  And yep, the groomer was going for a single piece from the ‘sheep’.  He is holding up the clipped off fur – NOT the dog.


Now you know why we call him, “the rug”.  I never took it this literally – but the groomer did!

Next on the agenda:

  • Updating the class curriculum for brighter colors and more flowers!  YAY!!

*of course it is completely unfair that I don’t have a tracking number yet for my big ol box from Prima.

But I was asked to teach a class for PIA next week, after the Copic Certification Class in Mystic, CT – and they wanted to feature Clearscraps acrylic and Creative Imaginations.  So I went to my craft area – and this is the result.  Let there be pink!!


A portion of the acrylic album pages are airbrushed with Copic Markers.  So I thought what better way to preview the concept than with a video tutorial?  So I took out my floral die cut pape, a pink and blue marker – and went to town.  One of the things I really like about airbrushing with Copic Markers is the translucency of the inks.  I can lay down one color, and when another color is placed underneath it – I get the stained glass effect of a third color.  Best way to show you, is to show you — so here is a video:

And of course the wardrobe has to change up a bit, right?  I raided TJ Maxx (I know, big spender!).  But rather than modeling those finds — here is Courtney, in this sweet little pink Sari outfit that her classmate, Abir’s mother brought home from India on their last trip.  How cute is this?


She said, “I wished I was a princess, and it came true!”.  Nuff said.

So my Spring has gotten off to a good start.  I’ll be teaching workshops at the SDV in Camp Hill, PA this weekend, followed by a Copic Certification Class.

(and then hopefully my big box of Prima will have arrived by Monday??)  Stay tuned…


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