Boston – a weekend for the kids

I took the kidoodles to Boston and we spent Sunday and Monday exploring the city's best attractions for kids.  We went to the Boston Children's Museum, the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Science and took the Duck Tour.  What a fun weekend! This picture was taken from the water portion of the tour.  What a lovely way to see the city! While on the boat, I snapped this picture … [Read more...]

Eat Yer Veggies!

Vacationing means picture-taking.  And I'm taking lots of them! It also means that the kids aren't eating the healthiest foods.  Last night, they nearly hosted a coup because I served them vegetable soup.  Corn on the cob has been served, nightly, though hardly a 'real' vegetable. But it reminded me of this picture of Courtney when she was little. So I snapped a current pic for … [Read more...]

Happy Independence Day!

I may not be getting any paper arts / creative time in while I'm at the shore, but I am painting on small, walking canvases instead.  Face-painting is such a fun art - transforming imagination into reality.  Cameron is a super-hero, Brianna, a beautiful patriotic butterfly and Courtney wears a crown of the American Flag. I love Snazaroo face paints.  The best ones on the … [Read more...]