26 Hearts – Healing Newtown…

I have no words to express my sorrow for the families of the children and staff killed at a local elementary school, so I will borrow words and an image offered by my friends. Stephanie Ackerman made this beautiful tribute piece of artwork to share with all affected by this tragedy.  {{{{hugs}}}} And the only words that have expressed my own emotions so far are these from Richard … [Read more...]

Just like that…

For a moment when I woke up this morning, I forgot where I was.  I imagined I was at home in bed and my head went straight to what day is it?...what schedule do I have to follow?  Just for a moment.  And then my eyes adjusted and took in the room. And then just like that I realized where I was.  And why. So here I sit in a lonely Kansas hotel room thinking about the … [Read more...]

Doing Something for my Sister…

Within days of getting a very scary stage 4, rare cancer diagnosis, my sister -- Carole Bittman Somers decided to, "Make cancer my b*tch." Together, we designed this t-shirt.  Cancer is my B*tch on CafePress If you would like to make a donation of any amount instead of buying a t-shirt the proceeds go to a trust fund for Carole's children. I really love Carole's … [Read more...]

Creative Therapy and Tribute to Loved Ones Lost

I have been very touched by the e-mails and blog shares since my posts about creative inspiration and the direction my artwork was taking since learning of the death of a friend's husband. Shannan Teubner's loss and grief sent me to another place when creating this piece and she has been in my thoughts constantly for the last several days.  I met her in person in … [Read more...]

Auction: Copic Markers Asst. / One Hour Private Lesson via Skype/Webcam

This holiday season was tempered with sadness, as we heard of the death of a neighbor, 42-year old husband and father to two sweet young children.  It struck me hard because their children are the same age as my own.  I couldn't imagine my children losing their father, at this or any age.  And it brings me to tears.  So besides the 'what can I do?' … [Read more...]