Art Journaling and Weekly Planner – FREE Printables

For those who enjoy art journaling and combining this arful habit with a weekly planner…

I’ve updated my planner pages from last year to include a Month-at-a-Glance page as well at the request of one of the ladies that enjoyed them last year.  Thanks for the suggestion, Pamela.

As before, don’t right-click and save the image below. It is a low-res file that won’t print nicely. It is just for you to get an idea of what the page looks like.

The real image is a very large file and it is downloadable here: Download journalblankcalmonth.pdf (44739.4K)


Last year’s weekly format free printable pages are still available here as PNG files:

*updated* If however, you would like a more easy to print format, I have now uploaded last year’s weekly and blank journal format pages as PDF files as well.

Download journalblankcal.pdf (20468.0K)

Download journalblank.pdf (36101.4K)


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