Dictionary Definition: un·ac·cus·tomed

Pronunciation: ˌən-ə-ˈkəs-təmd
Function: adjective

1 : not customary : not usual or common
2 : not habituated —usually used with to

My Definition:

3: when your packages don't clear customs
4: when you run your workshop, anyway

Tracking the Shipments

I am definitely unaccustomed to shipping packages to Canada.  Everything I shipped that was paper goods and supplies, etc. arrived with TWO DAYS via Fedex International Ground.  No problem.  I got the "Harmonized Codes". I figured out the paperwork.  It was all good! 

But for whatever reason, my Copic Marker classroom sets, Airbrush compressors and Airbrush Systems did not clear customs.  These items left my hands on April 20th.  It's May 1st.  They aren't here.

On Thursday, after my umpteenth call to Fedex, to a really nice guy named Chris – who wanted to assure me that my packages would indeed arrive by Friday, April 30th, as stated on My Fedex account page… I decided to make a contingency plan.

So on Friday morning I packed up my own set of 334 individual colors of Copic Sketch Markers into my carry-on bag.  And I put the spare compressor I keep at home, into my checked luggage.

With these items, I could at a minimum, teach my Copic workshops and certification class.  So that's good.

But Wait, There's More (or should I say, Less?)

However, I was also scheduled to teach an acrylic album class using Copic markers and airbrushing.  Since my 9 ABS-1s and two compressors were in limbo-land – there was a lot of sharing of the ONE compressor I put in my luggage.

But what made it MUCH harder is when the acrylic albums I was using decided not to clear customs EITHER.  These were shipped on 04/22 directly from the manufacturer.  They.Are.Not.Here.

Luckily, I was teaching this class at a distributor.  And luckily, she has Clear Scraps in stock.  So I switched from the 5" x 11" acrylic waterfall style book, to an 8" x 8" three tabbed album.  But, no sample – so harder to teach…


I am unaccustomed to having issues when it comes to teaching a workshop.  This was not ideal in any sense – but it was either be flexible, or cancel the workshop.  I opted for the former.

They definitely liked the airbrushing, and proceeded to buy everything that the distributor had in stock.  So I have to measure that as a success, in that respect.

A Glimmer of Hope

The last workshop was big fun – probably the best way to end the day.  The ladies were Glimmer Misting, Glazing the glimmer glass and LOVED the Chalkboard Glimmer Mist.  It was the icing on the Strawberry Shortcake.

Although after staying with me the ENTIRE DAY, I could tell once the HOW was taught, and they'd Glimmer Misted everything in sight…they were done!

So it was a good day.  Not a great day.  Techniques were taught and learned – follow up through e-mail, SKYPE and such should assure all the retailers get what they wanted from the event.

But the acrylic album workshop definitely wasn't the caliber of workshop that I typically put on.  And I'm feeling it.  I always want to do my best.  Should I have just cancelled it?

Sometimes you just have to roll with it, eh?


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