Blackberry Olympics

That's what I appear to be engaged in this week.  And the tiny keyboard isn't cutting it.

My laptop power supply was sadly packed up with somebody else's air compressor when I was in Ottawa last Sunday.


No battery has this long of a battery life.  Eeek!

Although the family may appreciate that I've been driven to laundry, scrubbing the bathrooms and occasional vacuuming — this had better end soon!

Until then, if I've not gotten back to you, it is because the Blackberry truly is NOT the device with which to manage your e-communications.  Let's leave it to phone calls and calendaring, shall we?

Hopefully my drought ends tomorrow.

Until then, I did make something fun on the Tattered Angels blog today.  (

Other than that – I'm off to pick up the short people off the bus.

See ya!

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