Quinacridone Burnt Orange discontinued – Where to Find It

It is a sad fact of fine art material life that big pigment users, such as the industrial, automotive and architectural industries, drive the ability of fine art manufacturers to have access to or to have to discontinue a pigment. Such is likely the case with PR206, our beloved single pigment Quinacridone Burnt Orange. While it will still be available in QoR watercolor, it will no longer be … [Read more...]

Spelunking: Jewelry-Making Supplies Organization, Pt. 2

In my prior post, I discussed organizing findings, chain and the like. Now we get to delve into the fun part: BEADS! For years I've been storing them in 'buckets' of disorganization known as divided-storage. This evil mayhem creates a bucket where beads go chaotic and travel from one compartment to another.  I've had everything from little tic-tac style containers (that never stay closed), and … [Read more...]

Copic Marker Storage with updated printable

This is a reblog of an organization post, with an updated downloadable file! In the past folks had to e-mail me for it, but now I've turned it into a PDF and put it on the site for self-service. Enjoy! https://sallylynnmacdonald.com/spelunking-update-copic-marker-storage/ Also, while I am aware that IKEA no longer sells the Boalt CD racks, there are LOTS of options out there for vertical … [Read more...]

My Studio

I've long thought that I should put up some pictures of my studio on my website - so I decided to add a link to the Pinterest board where I've got it all written up, bit by bit.  These pictures are prior to the video lighting equipment taking over visually - but who needs to see the boom? Thanks for looking! Follow Sally Lynn's board My Studio on Pinterest. … [Read more...]