Of Multiliners and Dominos…

I always have a problem with Stazon ink.  I think it is just caught in indecision — which surface does it like better?  The stamp?  Or the surface I want to apply it to?  So I never get the crisp, dark image I'm looking for.

For that reason I'm always in search of ways to add tiny details to the Domino Jewelry I make, but I overlooked the obvious – the Copic Multiliner!  It is a pigment ink, so it needs to be able to dry on what you place it on top of.  On a plain or inked domino – it works great!  So I can use it to finish off the details or add my own.  It is waterproof and more importantly, Copic-proof – once it is dry.

And there are so many lovely colors and point sizes to work with! Looking for fine lines?  This is an example of the 0.2 and 0.35.  


These pens come as small as 0.03 and 0.1! Here is a nice set of Multiliner SP in black.

Did you know the SP style are refillable as well?   Did you know you can buy an Artists' Set of the black inks that Copic makes?  You can get this in Sepia and Gray too.


Add the details before sealing your domino because the Multiliner ink won't dry on a sealed surface, but it IS safe to seal over your work, once again with an acrylic UV sealer, such as PYMII.

It's all in the details.

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