Handmade Christmas Ornament DIY

I was happily invited to participate in an art sisters ornament swap this year. Albeit a last minute invitation - knowing that perhaps I thrive on the last minute, I was up for the challenge? This holiday season is putting that to the test. But while my sugar plums are nestled in bed I will attemp to walk you through their construction. The hardest part was taking pictures with one hand while … [Read more...]

Today’s Jewelry Story – Abandoned and Adorned

A big part of my daily ritual of going out to meet the world is selecting my jewelry for the day. Just the right combination of handmade, store bought and sometimes found objects are what launch me into the world.  So I thought I would share a jewelry 'story' with you now and then, to illustrate what I'm wearing and what it means to me. A little place for the eyes to feast on pretties without … [Read more...]

Spelunking: Jewelry-Making Supplies Organization, Pt. 2

In my prior post, I discussed organizing findings, chain and the like. Now we get to delve into the fun part: BEADS! For years I've been storing them in 'buckets' of disorganization known as divided-storage. This evil mayhem creates a bucket where beads go chaotic and travel from one compartment to another.  I've had everything from little tic-tac style containers (that never stay closed), and … [Read more...]

Spelunking: Jewelry-Making Supplies Organization, Pt. 1

Part One: Findings No matter how much you think a single container is going to do it - you always outgrow this type of organization solution. Just this morning I noticed that someone had 'pinned' a post about my findings storage on Pinterest. Timely, because I was in the midst of re-organizing these bits! I used to have everything for findings in one convenient little bin. It was your basic, … [Read more...]

Art Is You Workshop featuring ‘A Gilded Life’ by Spellbinders

On Sunday, October 12th, at the Art Is You mixed-media retreat - I am offering the following all-day workshop.   BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! "With a turn of the crank transform creations from blank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! Add twisted wire and some beads by the hank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! Certainly a crown is your insignia of rank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! I’m not pulling a prank. A Gilded … [Read more...]