A peek at: Viva Decor Marbling Ink

I never met a medium I didn't like.  Well, except for that weird chick on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  All I can see in my head now is a lady puffing on a fake cigarette and saying, 'Your husband will never fulfill you completely'.  But really looks more like this in my opinion.Ok, let's get rid of that image and conjur up some other colorful … [Read more...]

Announcing Mixed Media Boot Camp – Local Connecticut / Week Day Workshops

I've gotten a lot of requests for local workshops lately.  I hear you... and I've put out e-mails to a couple of stores within driving distance of my home for the near future.  Hopefully I will have a smattering of Saturday workshops to offer to you very soon! This just in: Saturday, November 12th at The Inspiration Station in Stafford Springs, CT! details will be posted … [Read more...]

Anniversary Mixed-Media Canvas Board

Today is my 24th Wedding Anniversary, and I wanted to make something special to add to our home and celebrate the 'double dozen'.� I took some pictures along the way to show you the progress. As always, please click on pictures for a larger view.� Here is the finished piece. Anniversary Canvas Board by Sally Lynn MacDonald via artc.typepad.com … [Read more...]