Quotation Inspiration

Sometimes a song lyric speaks to me.  Girl power anthems seem to be a recurring theme.  That whole feminista genre plus a few notable male artists, including Coldplay, Justin Timberlake and Josh Krajcik seem to occupy my current playlist. My most recent favorite is the song, 'Human' by Christina Perri; from the album Head or Heart.   It inspired me to make this 4" x … [Read more...]

Time. I love how elastic it is in Summer. That my kids can ask for hard-boiled eggs all the way to eggs benedict for breakfast - and I don't have to calculate time-to-bus. Mind you, while I'm making this breakfast they are upstairs cleaning their rooms. And I've already sent one back upstairs with a stern warning about what will happen if I don't see the level of effort I expect in … [Read more...]


Flinging in the New Year

Our annual dumpster is rented and installed next to the garage.  Every year we get one and every year we fill it. And I love this time of year.  Especially when the snow holds back and I can FLING with abandon.  Out with the things that don't bless our house. Neil's been so into flinging this morning that he's actually taking a nap.  Poor man has been … [Read more...]

And then it hit me…

I just posted this blithely on Facebook: "I lost the big 50.  Pounds lost, that is.  Not age!" And then it hit me.  A wall of tears... My sister would have been 50 today. I hope she would be proud of me.  Her death is part of the reason why I'm doing this.  But it is just so damn unfair. Happy Birthday, Carole.  I hope you are celebrating in … [Read more...]