enQoRe™ Watercolor Mixology I : *LIVE* vs. Self-Paced

enQoRe™ students and those considering... I had a great question today and I thought I would post an answer here: The *LIVE* class is one which has INTERACTIVE components. This means that it is a first run, like when a movie first appears in a movie theatre. The experience is more 'BIG' than waiting for the movie to run its course and buy a DVD later. The *LIVE* class includes live chats, … [Read more...]

enQoRe™ Watercolor Mixology I : online workshop!

Introducing my enQoRe™ Watercolor Mixology I : online workshop! Workshop Description Starting in January 2015, I'm launching a brand new website for my Palettini™ brand with an online program that includes LIVE and self-paced workshops to inspire you to PLAY with and explore mixed media. The intent is to keep workshops as inexpensive as possible; allowing you to use your … [Read more...]

Registration Closes Monday for Art Is You Retreat – Stamford, CT

 There is still an opportunity to register for the most personable, creative retreat on the planet: Art is You!  Coming to Stamford, Connecticut, October 9th-13th, 2014.  Registration closes on Monday, September 15th.   I am offering my all-day workshop, BLINGitty, BAUBLEy YOU! on Sunday, October 12th, and I’ll be vending at the Art Trunk on Saturday, October … [Read more...]

Art Is You Workshop featuring ‘A Gilded Life’ by Spellbinders

On Sunday, October 12th, at the Art Is You mixed-media retreat - I am offering the following all-day workshop.   BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! "With a turn of the crank transform creations from blank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! Add twisted wire and some beads by the hank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! Certainly a crown is your insignia of rank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You! I’m not pulling a prank. A Gilded … [Read more...]

Sketches of Life

For a long time I've done different documentations of my life. Whether by making a family scrapbook, through writing in a journal, art journaling (in which oftentimes the words get out on the page (and then painted over); and more recently I've taken up my sketchbook to document the ordinary things.  I love all of these outlets of creativity! As I wrote in my last entry, one of my … [Read more...]