enQoRe™ Watercolor Mixology I : *LIVE* vs. Self-Paced


enQoRe™ students and those considering… I had a great question today and I thought I would post an answer here:

The *LIVE* class is one which has INTERACTIVE components. This means that it is a first run, like when a movie first appears in a movie theatre. The experience is more ‘BIG’ than waiting for the movie to run its course and buy a DVD later.

The *LIVE* class includes live chats, streaming *live* video sessions and interactivity with the instructor and other students on the message board, sharing work, etc. as well as all of the videos, PDF files and downloadable content.

The *SELF-PACED* class, will be released after the live run; about two months later. It will include downloadable content only.

Clear as mud? For more information:


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