Art Is You Workshop featuring ‘A Gilded Life’ by Spellbinders

On Sunday, October 12th, at the Art Is You mixed-media retreat – I am offering the following all-day workshop.  


"With a turn of the crank transform creations from blank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You!
Add twisted wire and some beads by the hank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You!
Certainly a crown is your insignia of rank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You!
I’m not pulling a prank. A Gilded Life is so swank. BLINGitty BAUBLEy You!“

This workshop is in part sponsored by the Spellbinder’s company and featuring their ‘A Gilded Life’ release at the CHA Winter trade show.  Spellbinders had the best booth at the show – hands down!


Stacey is so cute. And dang, I really AM tall!

The booth samples for the ‘A Gilded Life’ product line by Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso were so stunning, I just knew that you would love to make them!


In this class you will make a:

  • Crown
  • Stamped Purse with locket
  • Necklace with locket

You will:

  • Work with pewter foil to make your own crown.
  • Make a unique fabric print for a purse with sewn on handles
  • Learn the basics of using U/V resin for near-instant wearable jewelry pieces.
  • Hand stitch the purse handles and body together and add embellishments
  • Learn basic jewelry-making skills, such as wire-wrapping and loop-making and assemble the necklace.


Dies, Bezels and Trinkets – oh my!


And just because these lovelies can represent a storage challenge, I wanted to share with you how I organize the trinkets and bezels.  I use ScrapRack Embellishment Storage Pages.  They are double-sided, sturdy gusseted pockets, and include small ziploc bags for storing the smaller trinkets.


This way you can get your AGL love on – and even take it on the road, or over to a friend's house to create!


So pack up your goodies and head to Stamford in October. I'll be demonstrating at the event as well. I hope to see you there!
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