Tattered Angels / Crafty Secrets March Mix Blog Hop

Good morning!  Today marks the beginning of the Tattered Angels / Crafty Secrets March Mix Blog Hop.  I have the pleasure of being part of the kick off group of ladies whose blogs you can visit today and throughout the week: Heidi Blankenship (CS)Pam Hooten (CS)Sally Lynn MacDonald (TA) *yep, me!*Vivian Peters (CS)Michelle Van Etten (TA) I invite you … [Read more...]

Check out the PRIMAdonna blog! pssssst: prize over there

While I wait for these two cakes to cool so that I can decorate them for the 'twinkies' birthday parties tomorrow, I thought I'd mention that there is a pretty neat (if I say so myself) technique post this week on the Prima Endorsed Teacher blog.  And Prima always has a prize to give away in conjunction with my Tuesday posts over there.  Go check it out! And while you are … [Read more...]

When you just didn’t dress the part…

Pictures capture an instant in time.  Real life happens and it isn't color-coordinated.  I'm not going to make my children where red shirts on apple picking day.  But man, when they were really little, I did find these goofy pumpkin-colored pants for the twins to wear.  Enought with confession time.  Let's talk REAL pictures here. What do you do when … [Read more...]

TAGGED: 7 Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged by the marvelous Sarah.  Uh, Oh.  I better sit down and have a Diet Coke before responding.  I'm in a *mood* this morning!  So these answers are colored by that mood.  Let's see, to lighten the mood, according to this link, there are 31 people in the United States named Sally MacDonald.  Hmmm, wonder how many have the middle name Lynn? 1. I'm addicted … [Read more...]