When you just didn’t dress the part…

Pictures capture an instant in time.  Real life happens and it isn't color-coordinated.  I'm not going to make my children where red shirts on apple picking day.  But man, when they were really little, I did find these goofy pumpkin-colored pants for the twins to wear.  Enought with confession time.  Let's talk REAL pictures here.

What do you do when it just doesn't match?  Do you have to go all black and white or sepia toned?  Heck no!  In fact, I've got the perfect example for you.

I'm going to show you a fall foliage picture / layout.  The trees are doing their best to outshine everybody.  I'm wearing plaid (egads) and Baby Brianna has on hot pink and black, with an orange jack o'lantern bib.  Color coordinated?  NOT!  Hubby took the picture too – and it is a tad overexposed.  I don't care.  I love the subject.

So yes, it will be used on a layout.  And this is how I do it.  If it doesn't match – make some element on your page bring those two colors together as well.  And voila – it matches.  Perhaps not with the rest of the color coordinated layouts out there – but I scrap in the real world.  And my world is very colorful. 🙂


Bring in all those colors in your accents.  For example, I used Alcohol Inks randomly applied to the cream colored chipboard letters in Buttercup, Raisin, Pesto and Copper.  The Buttercup and Raisin are my 'friends' trying to tie in Brianna's outfit.

And then there is my little fairy.  As I tell my children, the fairies are responsible for making the changes in nature when the seasons change.  So here is our little Autumn fairy going about her work, dressed all in Prima flowers. :)  And she has some Pink Belle fleur along with the Pumpkin colored petals too.


It's almost like the law of high school dress code.  If everybody's wearing it – it must be in fashion and match.  Right?  R I I G H H T.

Which brings me to today's tip / technique post on the PRIMAdonna blog.  You simply must check out the amazing things the girls have done with flowers.  I'm so pleased to be affiliated with these wonderful instructors.  Check it out.  Get a prize?  Definitely get inspired to play with your flowers in unexpected ways.

P.S. And I cannot garden to save my life.  I mean it.  The deer don't even feed here.  They gave up on us years ago.  I envision little deer versions of skull and crossbones markers around our property.  Bambi is saying, 'Don't go there.  It's a waste of time."

But Prima makes me feel like a master gardener and floral arranger extraordinaire!

Maybe that is why I haven't warmed up to the deer-themed papers this year? LOL! 

Goodnight, deer.

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