TAGGED: 7 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been tagged by the marvelous Sarah.  Uh, Oh.  I better sit down and have a Diet Coke before responding.  I’m in a *mood* this morning!  So these answers are colored by that mood.  Let’s see, to lighten the mood, according to this link, there are 31 people in the United States named Sally MacDonald.  Hmmm, wonder how many have the middle name Lynn?

1. I’m addicted to Diet Coke.  Damn, there isn’t any in the house and so I’m nursing a Poland Spring Raspberry-Lime sparkling water and it just isn’t doing it for me…  I need to kick this habit again, but being the complete night owl it is very hard and I don’t want to give up my late night meanderings.

2. I love Peapod online grocery shopping.  I dislike dragging my kids to the store and the score of "I Want, I Want" that follows suit.  I started using a service like this when I was on bed rest expecting the twins.  I’m going to go point, click and order some Diet Coke.  BRB!  Ok, I have until midnight tonight to get that order fully submitted.  It keeps my spending down.  I actually save money because I can sort by unit price.  It makes me feel brilliant.

3. I am a trusting skeptic.  Does that make any sense?  Don’t try to sell me something.  Show me what it does and I’ll decide.  Show me why you are the one I should choose.  Don’t try to put other people down to prop yourself up.  Tell me the truth.  If you lie to me or mislead me and your turn is up.  No more spins for you on this wheel.  I’m loyal to a fault and to my own undoing.  But I’ve learned the hard way that people you trust don’t have that same sense of loyalty.

4. I am a shy extrovert.  I’m 100% willing to go drive 3 hours to attend a stamp camp with people I have never met.  I can stand up and make a presentation or teach a classroom full of strangers and enjoy that experience.  Teaching creates a sense of euphoria that is unparalleled.  But put me at a dinner party, or a neighborhood picnic and I freeze.  I don’t feel I have anything in common with these people.  How can I be so alone in any setting other than my chosen crafts?

5. Lying by omission is LYING.  When someone has this la la land that they promote on the outside and WHAMMO it is suddenly being eaten alive by the truth and they can no longer hide it from you.  How am I supposed to react?   I hate having the wool pulled over my eyes like that!  Take a nap and the problems will go away.  Avoid the truth and it will disappear…  Heck no!!  Figure out how to fix it and/or move on and take action.  But don’t drag me into a swirling whirlpool before I even know that the ship is sinking.  Why isn’t your family involved and helping you?  Are you lying to them too?

rant rant rant

6. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Wow.  I’m watching John Adams on HBO.  Far more interesting than current politics which just make me depressed and angry.  I’d rather think about how we started and how far we’ve come and gone from the principles of our Founding Fathers.  And Abigail Adams rocks btw, at least Laura Linney’s portrayal of her!

7. Should I stay or should I go?  My town is embroiled in local politics and warring factions that are either on the side of expanding the High School or the opposite side of a new town hall and senior center.  I watched the images of overcrowding that my niece captured on film in her Documentary, Jam-Packed.  In a month, the town will put it to a vote.  Meanwhile our own PTA president put her house on the market this weekend.  She has been so involved from the Board of Education, IPN and school participation on this issue and she is giving up.  So I’ve got contractors, painters, carpenters and I’m getting my home ready for sale.  I hate to leave, but this feels like the catalyst to finally make us move from our comfort and find a better place for our children to grow up and be educated.  We shall see.

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