Water, water everywhere…

I've been on the road teaching, but managed to make another layout in-between classes.

I love these pictures from our last vacation of the summer!
As the journaling reads, we were in the water so much, between the pool, lake and water park – two out of three kids returned home with swimmer's ear. Ouch!

Speaking of being on the road – the Orlando SDV was AMAZING!  While I felt sorry for anyone who was there for a Disney park vacation…the scrapapalooza going on inside the Disney Yacht & Beach Convention Center was an incredible sight to behold.

It rained every single day and night.

And I was teaching seemingly every hour of every day and night!!

I taught my last class from 9:00pm-11:00pm on Saturday and then inventoried and packed until about 2:30am.  I went to my hotel room, expecting to find my three roommates sacked out — but no!  They were still cropping!  I freshened up and packed my bag — and walked around the crop room looking at the inspiring pages all around as well as the immense organizational structures that inhabited the room.  One lady had THREE ScrapRack bases spread over the back of her table.  It was a dazzling display of product organization and creativity in more ways than one.  I didn't go to sleep that night, but checked my bags at the hotel checkin desk at 5:00am and jumped on the bus to the airport at 5:30.  I don't remember the airplane taking off or landing.  I slept soundly to say the least.

But my head was filled of all kinds of fun memories.  Thank you so much to the students and staff for the SDV.  Nancy always does a great job, as did 'the twins', K. and L. and Tracy.  And several students that I remembered from last year as well as many, many new ones.  To name a few (and you know I'm bad with names), Nancy B., Tracy (my 5-timer!), Diane, Launi (I'm murdering that spelling, girl), Lori, Jeanne… so many more!!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

The Whippany SDV is just two short weeks away, and I've got to get busy.  I have a new class in my head that needs to be finalized and ordered for…

And it looks like I'll be teaching up in the Boston area in October too.

So stay tuned!

And Marylee – if you are reading… I want some photos!

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