Punked by the Disney Potty Princess?

Our story begins early on the second morning of the Orlando SDV.  I had trouble sleeping the night before, because I was very unhappy with how my classroom tables had been setup.  So I woke up early and proceeded over to the Yacht & Beach Club's conference center to see if I could get anything done about it.  You see, the staff had setup the conference room in a 'classroom' style, with a U-shape, as I've requested, but with narrow tables, perhaps 12" wide.  The seats are packed in like sardines, so there is just no room to work on your project, much less place your trimmer, scissor and adhesives in this arrangement.  It's perfect for note-taking – but definitely not scrapbooking.

So as the concierge and I headed down to find some events staff, I noticed a lady coming out of the bathrooms, holding her camera.  Something about how she was holding it struck me funny, and I said, 'Are you taking pictures of the bathroom?'.  She said, "Why, Yes!  I'm making a scrapbook about Disney bathrooms.  The current one is 'Potties fit for a Princess'.  I'm wondering if I can get into the castle to take pictures of that potty?"  She directed the last statement at the concierge.

I didn't hear much of their conversation, as I was still trying to absorb (no pun intended) what this wonderfully animated soul had just told me.  I looked her right in the eye and said, 'Am I being punked?  Where's Ashton?'.  But she said no, that she had done a book about the bathrooms in the Animal Kingdom, called 'Jambo Johns', and now she was working on 'Potties fit for a Princess'.

The concierge takes all of this in stride of course, and made some suggestions for her to gain access to the castle potty, and we moved on.  But not before I inquired about her table number.  I had to see this, the most uniquely themed album I had ever heard of, in person.

And so I give you, Mary Lee.  The most unique character I have ever met at Disney.  Who did in fact obtain access to the potty at the castle, at least the ones in the Cinderella's Royal Table restaurant.  And was dubbed by the Disney Dream Squad as Best Bathroom Ambassador.


She truly has the most open-hearted smile and way about her.  I don't think I have met many a person that is so open and friendly. 

Mary Lee and her husband of 5 1/2 years are an eHarmony success story, having met on that web dating site.  They are both avid Disney fans, with original furnishings throughout their home from the Wilderness Lodge; purchased during a remodeling.  In fact you can see some of these items on the edges of the pictures that she sent me if you look closely.  How's that for a Disney fan?

Mary Lee sent me some of her pages to share on my blog.  So sit back and enjoy the most unique Disney-themed album of all:

Here is the inside cover of the album and the cover page:Potty3

And a completed layout, featuring the 'potty' from the Pirates of the Carribean ride.


She has clever details for each potty page, using a journaling spot with a detailed chart, including a rating scale of number of toilet paper rolls, and also a seperate numbering scheme on the potty stamp itself.  I'm not sure what that is for.  Possibly listing number of accomodations?  LOL!  This is just too clever for words.  Pictures are the only way to do it justice.



Also a sampling from her Jambo Johns album, the inside cover and cover page once again:


And a completed layout:


I noticed that Rafiki's Potty rated 3 toilet papers rolls.  Something to remember the next time I visit the Animal Kingdom theme park.  :)  Still don't know what the '7' on the potty stamp is for.  I'm going to e-mail Mary Lee to get the scoop on her rating system.  You know, I have to give myself credit for not punning the heck out of this post.

Now for the final page of the Potties fit for a Princess album.  I noticed that the women figure isn't crossing her legs like on the front inside cover.  Way clever, Mary Lee!


Well that's it, folks.  Mary Lee is a ray of Florida sunshine.  And her lighthearted and fun themed album still makes me giggle.  Thank you so much for sharing it!

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