update and new

So many things to update!  I have been working madly at the website, purchasing and luring fab instructors for my dear friend, Ellen’s new store, momento.  Here is the website!  http://www.momentoarts.com.  Ah, those years at IBM count for something…

On Friday night I met with the wonderful ladies that have agreed to be instructors for the store.  Since I am committed to being a ‘traveling instructor’ – I know that I needed a bunch of comitted chicks to keep things rolling here at home — and these ladies are wonderful.  Their bios are on the website.

During our meeting we spent some time ogling, in starry-eyed wonder at a new product from Pageframe Designs – a clear album.   oooooooooh,  I’ll have what she’s having-type moments…  Just look at Holly’s design using this product and careful for drooling on your keyboard.

And a quick update on the HGTV appearance.  I have an episode number!  #430.

Ok, that doesn’t mean much at this point – but when Season 4 of ‘That’s Clever’ starts to air, in January, 2008 (aaaaaaaaah!), I will be able to link to the production calendar so I can share the airdates with you.

And second piece of good news from the producers of the show is that both segments made it in.  YAY!

Ok, must jet.  I have to make a card for hubby for Father’s day… egads!

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