What’s Your Word?

Last year was the first time I took the time to select a word to reflect my goals and intentions about the coming year. My word for 2011 was 'Focus'. That post is here: http://www.sallylynnmacdonald.com/weblog/2011/01/whats-your-word.html. I feel like I accomplished the essence of what that word meant to me in different parts of my life throughout the year. Sometimes just really looking … [Read more...]


In July of last year, a decision was made to assign regions to the existing Copic Certification Instructors and the team was expanded to include these now Regional Copic Certification Instructors.  My existing schedule was ‘grandfathered’ in, allowing me to teach at locations I had planned that were outside of my ‘region’ until the Summer of 2010.  Now the time has come to make some … [Read more...]

Who is she?

Amazing how much me I see in these three kidoodles... Brianna (11) has had a lot of poetry assignments which culminated into this wonderful little collection that I love to have her read aloud to me.  They are so her.  My favorite, so dramatic, is: Cookies, Gone Cookies goneLong ago- -Dough gone missingNo sugarAgainst my wishes- -Easter dessertWill never be the sameCries of … [Read more...]

Somebody pinch me…

It is so thrilling when you set a goal, and achieve it piece-by-piece.   As an instructor, I’m a technique, tool and surface girl.  And so with my teaching hiatus coming up, I decided to seek out opportunities and try to expand my relationship with my favorite surfaces and tool manufacturers – and unbelievably I’ve been honored to be chosen to design with, instruct for and … [Read more...]

Something Old. Something New… you know the drill

Something Old Yeeesh, but I have TONS of monochromatic patterend paper.  While I still like it for cards, I am NOT using it on my layouts these days.  When did that trend end?  There were even books about it.  LOL.  Oh well, I am tired of the tired monochromatic patterned paper taking up space in my cardstock tower, so I'm seperating it from its matching cardstock … [Read more...]