The Devil Wears Monogram Stamps

The nightmares are finally over.  The decision has been made!  What decision?  Some history…

My friend Ellen is opening a new paper craft / scrapbooking store and has enlisted me as her Creative Director.  I have jokingly said that I am an ’emotional investor’.  But lately that hasn’t been so funny.  I’m serious!  I have been having nightmares about monogram stamps.

Have you seen The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway?  There is one seen where they are getting ready for a cover shoot and Meryl Streep is going through the available clothes on the rack, ‘Where are the belts? I don’t see why it is so difficult to get this together.’ in that delicious, annoyed monotone. (She was PERFECT in that role!!!) and one of the ladies holds up what appear to be two IDENTICAL belts, and with the most sincere tone says, ‘I don’t know, they are so different’.  To which Anne Hathaway’s character *snorts* and a whole dialogue from Meryl Streep’s character ensues.

Well that is how I have been with monogram and alphabet stamps lately.  I have had every brand and type racing through my dreams.  We could rename this post, ‘Nightmare on Monogram Street’, but I don’t need the Freddy Krueger imagery.  Does anyone?  Anywho, this weekend it was decided.

Among the ‘contestants’ which I have been dreaming about:

  • Lovely monogram sets from Hero Arts. 
  • Individual letters from My Sentiments Exactly, including their ‘B’ and ‘U’ sets
  • Technique Tuesdays extra large alphabets
  • Hampton Art / Limited Edition RS monogram matching sets from Art Warehouse / Danelle Johnson
  • and punctuation sets – don’t even get me started.

We have made these choices:

From Hampton Art / Limited Edition RS monogram matching sets from Art Warehouse / Danelle Johnson, monogram stamps.  These are really big, like over 2":

as seen on this project from a class that I attended at Memory Trends:


As well as a punctuation set:

And a few sets fron My Sentiments Exactly.  The Punctation and the B and U sets:

And then finally, along with a BUNCH of other sets, I chose this Main Street font face from Technique Tuesday; which we got in all available sizes, the Extra Large being the one in mind for monogram use:

So my nightmare is over!  The dream is just beginning and later on I will show you the projects that I made while attending the Sue Gilman show. 

For now, I have to go pick up my car from the dealership after a painful $1,200 stay… but on the brighter side, I’m going by Ellen’s house to borrow and cozy up to her Wacom tablet for the weekend.  After all, we are geeks with bling.  And yes, we bought that URL.

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