Oh Thank Goodness!!!

My Genesis trimmer has been found!!  I left it at the side of my scrapping area at the last SDV in Camp Hill and when I contacted the hosting company and the hotel – I came up empty.  But lo and behold I got a call from Dale today that it was found!!  I just left a message for the event coordinator at the hotel.  Yippee Skippee hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don’t know what a Genesis Trimmer is, well basically I was beginning to question how I would continue my teaching career without it.  Besides the money it would cost to replace, the waiting list for one can be up to a year from what I’ve heard.  It took me six months to get and I often have thought how glad I was to have invested in one.  And then blammo, to leave it by the side leg of the table like an idiot.  Never doing that again!

So thanks for letting me ramble on.

The sun is shining!!!!!

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