Something Old. Something New… you know the drill

Something Old

Yeeesh, but I have TONS of monochromatic patterend paper.  While I still like it for cards, I am NOT using it on my layouts these days.  When did that trend end?  There were even books about it.  LOL.  Oh well, I am tired of the tired monochromatic patterned paper taking up space in my cardstock tower, so I’m seperating it from its matching cardstock family.  But it is not going into the kid craft bin just yet.  I’m putting it into my scraps bins, by color family.  I love these things: Iris Project Boxes that I bought from the Container Store years ago.


What is up with the fact that I actually needed TWO containers for green alone!

So in keeping with the dire need of using green patterned paper, and increasingly dire need of using GINGHAM paper (Laura has got to be having a convulsive reflex at the mention of that pattern), I made a card for Mother’s Day.  I grabbed an OLD favorite stamp set (Sunflower Garden from CTMH, which they will probably bury with me some day!) and found yet another OLD OLD SUPPLY lurking in my ScrapRack.  Remember Twistel?  A pain to unravel, but pretty stuff.  Still, I’m hoping NOT to find more of it in the future…


So off that card went to Neil’s Mom with some matching flowers to be delivered tomorrow from FTD.COM.

I made a card for my mom too, but more lilac colored.  Didn’t scan it.  Dang.  It was more along the lines of this ancient favorite, which was part of my chalking phase:


Ooooh, I used wire then too!

Ok, enough of the old stuff.

Something New

I’m a Primadonna!  Yes, my husband had that figure out all along…  But seriously, I am very excited about this opportunity to teach for Prima Marketing.  Besides the flowers, flowers, flowers, did you see the Paintable transparencies?  Need I say more?  And then they came out with some wonderful build-a-book albums and (as Michelle is probably saying right now), I shouted CLEAR! (meaning, bring on the paddles baby, I’m having a heart attack).  And then Tim Holtz shows us the new Artful Collage flowers on his blog.  CLEAR!!!!

E-mails are flying back and forth, and lots of ideas are just zinging out of my brain.  Stay tuned to my newly placed Event Calendar on the side, as I will be listing class dates there.  Soon to add a Gallery dedicated to this as well.

Something Organized

No, it isn’t borrowed, but ever since I bought these cardstock towers from the former Scrapbook Palace LSS, I have had 60 color ranges of cardstock, quite organized. 


But that was one brand.  And then came another, and another, and another.  So this was the incentive to yank the monochromatic paper out.  It was time for the Bazzill, Worldwin, Prism, Club Scrap, Core’dinations and CTMH to all find a home together.  I can pretty much tell on sight which is which anyways.  But a shout out to Worldwin and Core’dinations for actually putting a cut strip on their cardstock.  I cannot tell you how great that is when you are either designing a class project, or submitting something for publication.  Love it.  Yes, I have the swatch books for everybody – but isn’t life simpler when you don’t have to look it up?  It’s kind of like reading the manual for your digital camera — just not something our right-brainedness is geared to do without blowing some synapses in the process.

Something Blue


Well, wearing blue pajamas that is.  Look at the little smile that is on her face.  You see, Barbie and the twelve dancing princesses are on the television and look how sweet this face is!

Something if you are feeling blue

From last night’s Spring Sing concert with the fourth graders at the elementary school.


C’mon, it made you smile.  They best part was when the held up the little smiley faces during the song and Bug’s smiley face was upside down.  Oh that was priceless!!!

Hmmm, another thing – Jason was voted off AI.  Things make sense again in our world.  Bob Marley, you can rest now.

Ok, that is enough – the puppy is licking my toes.  Ick.  Ick.  What on earth could possess him?  I’m going to go attack the puppy, nicknamed ‘Killer Fluff’, for a few minutes.  Enjoy your day!

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